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444 Electric Avenue, Bigfork, MT
6am to 3pm Every Day

We heard the prevailing wisdom several dozen times: "Running a restaurant is really hard work and a tough way to make a living." After a year in the business we can confirm that the prevailing wisdom is correct. But clearly there's a reason that we continue to do it. And the reason is that we love it. We love the opportunity to create great food, to provide great service, to host happy customers who return regularly, and to work with a group of great people who share our ambitions.

Would we do it again? Yes, that's our plan. But first we want to make sure we have it right this time. Our food, our service, and our ambiance were pretty good when we opened, but they're notably better now. And they will be even better in the future. So when we're sure that Pocketstone I is as good as it can be, then we'll do it again.

David Vale, Co-owner

Finding a good place to eat can be a challenge. Don't get me wrong and think that I'm the picky sort of person where nothing is ever good enough, or quite right. Well, maybe I am, but that's beside the point. The important thing is that when we started the Pocketstone Café, I was determined that everything was going to be done right. And, to be honest, we still occasionally fall short in some respect, but not very often. And never falling short is the goal.

I have a fairly distant role at the Pocketstone, being an owner and frequent patron, but dealing more at the policy level than the operation. We've got good people working at the Café and all of them share our standard that there's no substitute for perfection. Probably none of us achieve perfection as often as we'd like, but we keep trying. And that's what's important.

Carolyn Vale, Co-owner